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About us

Hello! What should we do? Let's read and shop!

To learn more about the truffles and the secrets of the mountain! To learn more for the mushrooms! Do not be afraid of them! To learn about the herbs that are around us! All this is to take care of our health and good spirits! Stay with us and our web site! Learn more about some truffles, wild mushrooms and herbs! Learn more secrets for the mountain! 

From time immemorial to this day, traditionally the truffles appear to light in moonlight. These unique creations underground, mostly go to the best kitchens in those people with the most discriminating taste. But the truth is that all people love delicious and healthy food. The Truffles are for all of us! 

Every hunter of truffles zealously kept secret their fields. This is quite understandable. So often hunting is done at night.

Extremely exciting and unique experience is to find truffle!

12.09.2014 year

Then it all began. Was beginning of this website. My partner and I go to the forest. 900 meters above sea level. We found the first truffle in our life!

It was a truffle, but we did not know. The smell was like root. Truffle was not ripe. We left him near an old stone wall. We returned to the city. In the forest we threw something very interesting and valuable. About a week later we went to the forest in the same place. We found again the summer truffle "Aestivum". He was ripe, fragrant and delicious!

So it all started, we want to share with you. I am a chemist engineer and ecologist. When I have free time- write poetry, stories, articles and others. My partner is a judoka and a student at the NSA- National Sports Academy. Our activity in recent years hunting truffles.

You already know what we can do for you! But that is not all! Our site is dynamic. Everything that happens in the mountains will be shared with you, our followers.

The information about all the herbs offered here was created for general educational purposes. It is not meant to be used for self-healing and replacement of good medical practices.  

We are a team of two enthusiasts. We will work dynamically on the following topics:


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email: tuberzona@abv.bg 

phone: +359 886 931 691 

We are everywhere where are mountains, truffles, mushrooms, herbs, nuts and other mountain magic products!

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